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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Is Already Slipping Away

White Oak River, July 2014
Just as we are getting used to summer, another July Fourth slipped by us, and I noticed that we are already past the middle of July.  Summer is already half over and we are on the down slope to fall.  It will only be another three or four weeks before the majority of our summer visitors start to disappear.

Schools and jobs will call everyone back to home, but as many know, the beach gets even better as the season slips into the fall.

It has already been a great early start to summer.  We had almost as much perfect clear and dry weather as our yards and gardens could stand. Now we seem to be getting more than our fair share of rain.  Still there will be lots more perfect beach days for everyone to enjoy our great beaches.  Some people who visit will find a special beach to love and end up having a great beach vacation that they will remember for years.

The Crystal Coast got off easy with Hurricane Arthur and probably had a record weekend just a couple of days afterwards.  For me it has been a summer with beautiful waves on the beach and some unbelievably scenic times kayaking out on the river.  There are always plenty of other fun things to do while at the beach.

The summer weather has brought us  plenty of humidity and heat, but we have also had the surf to cure both.  Those warm humid evenings have made for some wonderful beach evenings.  Whether I have been on the oyster rocks catching drum or standing on the beach flinging metal into the surf, I have had a great time.  I have also enjoyed some great cruises into the Swansboro marshes in our skiff.

I hope summer does not disappear too quickly.  Like many folks I am just getting warmed up. Today looks like a wonderful day for a hike along the beach in our world without walls.

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