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Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer of 2018 Dancing Between Clouds

The summer of 2018 has been a study of contrasts. For most of the early summer until July 12, there was very little rain. From July 13 onwards, it was easy to get caught in a shower or have multiple soakings but it was also quite possible to have an almost perfect week at the beach.  It just depended on where you happened to be.  We went to visit friends on the South Carolina coast for a couple of days and stayed very wet.

Along the coast in the summertime, it is not unusual for showers to form along the boundary between the coastal Seabreeze and the inland air mass. Often that means areas right on the beach are drier than areas inland. Who gets wet does depend on where the moisture is coming from and how it moves around.  In general, it has been a wet year in North Carolina and coastal South Carolina with lots of Gulf moisture impacting even the mountains and the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

However, during the first two weeks of August, we had two friends staying in Emerald Isle and while they saw a couple of showers, our location just three miles inland had showers almost ever day during their two weeks here.  For some historical perspective on this summer's weather, read my August post, Elusive Good Weather, about the summer and fall of 2015 when things were really wet here on the coast.

For a few weeks in mid-summer, the beaches were plagued with dangerous rip currents but that situation cleared by late July and with our weather pattern changing, it looks like we might be setting up for a nice fall season at the beach.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Summer 2017 Hangs On

We are well into October 2017 and the warm, summer-like weather continues to keep our heat pumps humming.  We had a blissful week of fall-like weather before Hurricane Nate dragged a tropical air mass up the east coast.

It has been a wonderful summer here on the Crystal Coast. If you would like to a more detailed update, trying visiting my Southern Outer Banks site. You will even find some details about how the fishing season is progressing.

Fortunately fall is our best season of the year so if you have not had time to visit yet, there is still plenty of warm water to sample and lots of uncrowded beach to wander.

For complete vacation info try our guide book for the Emerald Isle area. The 2017-18 Kindle version of A Week at the Beach - The Emerald Isle Travel Guide is available for $3.99 and Amazon has the new full color print version at $19.99 and the B&W version for $7.95.  Both are prime eligible. Locally, Emerald Isle Town Office is carrying the 2017-18 color print books and has them available for $20. The Emerald Isle Book and Toys at Emerald Plantation is carrying the B&W version for $8.

If you cannot find a copy use this contact form and we will help you get a copy of the book. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall Is Slipping Through Our Fingers

It has been another exceptional fall here on North Carolina's Crystal Coast.  The weather is has been nearly perfect and the fishing exceptional.  Even the gardens are still growing and the winds and water from Mathew's brush with the coast are just memories here while others are still dealing with the impacts of serve flooding.  It will not be long before the annual seasonal reversal when the beach areas go from being the cooler part of the area to being the warmer part.

Soon a special kind of peace will descend on the salt marshes and we will be ready for the quiet that comes with the holidays on the coast.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer has embraced the Crystal Coast

After a cool spring, summer's warmth has found the Crystal Coast.  Visitors have been quick to find our beautiful beaches.  We had some great crowds on Memorial Day weekend and my beach walk have shown me that people are having fun here on Emerald Isle's beaches.  I just did a couple of walks up at one of Emerald Isle's lesser know beaches.  Read about it in the 2016 version of our book, The Emerald Isle Travel Guide - A Week at the Beach, or get a taste of it and the Atlantic Ocean in my blog post, Last Parking Place at Third Street.  You can also enjoy these shots of the waves and beach at this online album.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The calendar says that it is winter,  but Mother Nature seems a little confused.

It is New Year's Eve and for a couple of weeks, our low temperatures have been around 64F.  Our high temperatures have mostly been in the mid-seventies but we have reached 80F a couple of times.

You can read about this year's Crystal Coast fall at this post,  A Wet Early Fall 2015.

Fall brings some great memories, but because of the warm weather it has been a challenge to get in a fall mode, much less bundled up for winter.  One thing is for sure this past November's weather was memorable.

The water temperature in the river is close to 70F and that has prompted some holiday boat rides.

We will be on the lookout for winter, but from the forecasts that I am seeing the cherry tomatoes that I am picking beside our house are going to be safe into early January 2016.

It is unlikely we will see Raymond's Gut frozen over in January like it did last year but it is hard to predict weather.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It is Summer at the Beach!

If there was any doubt that summer is here, it has been erased the weather during the third week of June 2015.  Afternoon temperatures have been in the nineties even along the beaches.

The first afternoon thunderstorms showed up on Wednesday afternoon so it has been nearly perfect beach weather if you can handle the heat.  It has been so hot that I started mowing my yard at 7:30 AM this morning and quit after less than half an hour of mowing.  I will start again tomorrow but I will be out there even earlier.

Of course if you are standing in water like I was a couple weekends ago, the air temperature is not nearly as important.  If you would like to read more about summer at the beach, try a visit to my Coastal Paradise website or if you would like to cut to the chase and learn about my favorite beach, read this article, A Beach That Touches Everyone.

We also publish both a Kindle travel guide for $3.99 and a paperback travel guide for a little over $20 for Emerald Isle and the Crystal Coast.  We also have a free online travel guide to Emerald Isle.

Head on down as soon as you can this unbelievable weather likely will not last.  We will soon be back to afternoon thunderstorms.  This is a great area to visit and an even better place to live.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Spring Tonic of Blue Waters and Blue Skies

The Crystal Coast is warming quickly.  It is March 10,  2015,  72F before noon and the odds are that we will see fresh local strawberries within the next four to five weeks.

While I never stop boating here on the Crystal Coast, I always look forward to those days when it is easy to spend time on the water.  I took my skiff for a quick ride down the White Oak River this past early March weekend.

The water temperature was around 50F out in the river and almost 55F back in the marshes but that is still a little chilly for serious boating and certainly too cool for the first kayaking trip of the season.

However, it will not be very long before I am regularly enjoying the zig and zag of the ride down the White Oak.

We have a lot of special places that you can easily visit here on the Crystal Coast.  If the winter blahs have you down, we have some special medicine to make you feel better as you are riding that roller coaster of spring weather.