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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Summer 2017 Hangs On

We are well into October 2017 and the warm, summer-like weather continues to keep our heat pumps humming.  We had a blissful week of fall-like weather before Hurricane Nate dragged a tropical air mass up the east coast.

It has been a wonderful summer here on the Crystal Coast. If you would like to a more detailed update, trying visiting my Southern Outer Banks site. You will even find some details about how the fishing season is progressing.

Fortunately fall is our best season of the year so if you have not had time to visit yet, there is still plenty of warm water to sample and lots of uncrowded beach to wander.

For complete vacation info try our guide book for the Emerald Isle area. The 2017-18 Kindle version of A Week at the Beach - The Emerald Isle Travel Guide is available for $3.99 and Amazon has the new full color print version at $19.99 and the B&W version for $7.95.  Both are prime eligible. Locally, Emerald Isle Town Office is carrying the 2017-18 color print books and has them available for $20. The Emerald Isle Book and Toys at Emerald Plantation is carrying the B&W version for $8.

If you cannot find a copy use this contact form and we will help you get a copy of the book. 

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