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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Is Sliding Fast, Beach Season Next

We had a cold spring and one stormy late April weekend, but the great weather has finally found us.

Blue skies and beautiful blue waters to match rescued us from the grip of some northern weather that had lost its way.

Finally, a week late, the first local strawberries arrived on April 24 and I am not far from picking my first ripe cherry tomato of the season.  The gardens are moving along faster than the fishing.

My two April kayak trips have resulted in nary a nibble, but conditions were windy so I did not stay out on the river long. I have heard of some fish being caught from the surf recently.

Our last weekend in April was a wonderful one with plenty of possibilities.  Our choice for the last April Sunday afternoon was a quick visit to Beaufort, one of our favorite places to visit.

We had a great time but walking by the water just made me want that much more to answer the call of the river or get back to one of our irresistible beaches.

I am hoping for a long beach hike on Friday, May 2.  I expect to get my feet wet since the water has warmed so much since by mid-April beach hike.

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