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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Place Where Memories Grow

Three years ago when we bought our home on the Crystal Coast, one of the key reasons was to have a family retreat where we could build some wonderful new memories. 
Our family has enjoyed many wonderful beach trips over the years. It just seemed natural that we should try to find a beach place that could create memories year round. As we looked up and down the east coast, we found that a lot of places were one dimensional. 
There might be beautiful scenery, but the communities nearby were not places that seemed to have much to get excited about except the changing of the seasons. 
Then we rediscovered Carteret County where I had fished as a teenager many years ago. It had the beautiful scenery, but it also seemed to be filled with people trying hard to squeeze as much fun as possible out of every day. 
There seemed to be a festival every month. We ended up in a wonderful community built by Bluewaer Builders on the shores of the White Oak River. Coming to Bluewater Cove has turned out to be a great decision.
We wanted to be on the water so we could have a boat and lift. We were able to do that in Bluewater Cove. Getting a lift took us a while but with Bluewater's great ramp and on site boat storage, we were fine for the first few months without our lift.

We did not want just a boating community, and we found out quickly that Bluewater was far more that just a great place to have as home base for your boat. It was also a great community with a pool and clubhouse at the center of it.

While our kids used to struggle to find something to do in our home town of Roanoke, Virginia, here on the coast the biggest problem is getting everything in during a short stay. From fishing to boating to just relaxing on the beach, it seemed that people were having a great time.

These last few days we had two of our daughters here along with one significant other and our granddaughter who came down to celebrate her first birthday at the beach.

From the ease of doing last minute shopping for the birthday girl to running out for fresh corn from Winberry's farm stand this afternoon, the Crystal Coast seems to have the modern conveniences that you need to keep young and old adults happy.

My youngest daughter started every morning with a run down Lowrey Lane which is the new section of Bluewater Cove called the Oaks. Two or three times she told me what a pleasure it was doing her run down the traffic free road which is shaded by tall pines and Live Oaks as it parallels Raymond's Gut which connects us to the White Oak River.

After the run, she would head for the swimming pool just across the cul de sac from our home.

In addition to the birthday party for our granddaughter, Nicole. We also got to take her to the beach twice.

When I thought about buying a place to create some great memories, little did I dream that we would get to enjoy our granddaughter's first birthday and take her on her first beach walk.

There is no doubt in my mind that our lives are richer for having moved to the Crystal Coast. As I see in my mind's eye our granddaughter's amazement as the cool salt water washes up on her legs.

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