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Friday, June 5, 2009

A Place To Be With the Elements

Early this morning we had some rain, and as the day moved through its hours, the winds picked up until early this afternoon we were getting a very stiff breeze. If I had planned a fishing trip I would have been a little disappointed. But fishing had never been in the cards for today so the winds were something to enjoy during a very warm week. In fact we also had winds late Thursday afternoon. The clouds and wind absolutely rescued me. My yard needed mowing, but mowing when the temperature is near ninety is something that I try to avoid. Thursday's winds and clouds made mowing the yard a fairly pleasant experience. Today was different. I needed to smell the ocean and get away from civilization. So I headed over to the Point at Emerald Isle.
It is one of my favorite places especially when I need to feel the power of the ocean and lose myself in the vastness of the landscape. Today's visit did not disappoint. As you can see from these slides, the landscape could easily overwhelm you.

Most of the horizon at the point just melts into the sea or the sky. Many times it is hard to tell which. Even if a person or two is walking on the Point, they end up being lost in the landscape.

While the breezes were mild today on my walk, often in the winter the Point can be a bitterly cold place with non stop winds off the cold waters.

Today the winds were strong, but the air was warm. I only got to take a few shots before the fine wind driven mist had coated one lens. That actually did not bother me since I had come more to recharge my spirit than to try to capture the moment with cameras.

I did not stay long, but I did lose myself in the sounds of the waves and winds. For some reason I could not hear the buoy today, but that was fine. Waves and wind will wash civilization from you pretty quickly.

The scene on the Point was a stark contrast to my visit yesterday to Grand Villas where I snapped this shot of the beach from their eight floor.

The broad flat expanse of sand and water at the Point is about as far away from a high rise condominium building as you will get.

I am just thankful that I am close enough to such a special space that I can count it as being in my back yard. If you have never been, it is well worth the trip. Just head out Coast Guard Road.

Park in the parking lot at the corner of Station Drive and Coast Guard Road. Continue walking on Coast Guard Road until it runs into Inlet Drive. Turn right there and head for the water. The very pleasant walk is about four tenths of a mile. You can go out of one of the beach accesses on Inlet Drive and walk to the Point by the beach.

In the unique landscape of the Point, it is easy to imagine what it might have been like on the Crystal Coast long ago. It is nice to have a spot where that still works.

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