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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why We Love Living Here

Carteret County residents are a very satisfied group of people. While other areas are filled with people who had no choice but to move to the area, we are lucky in that almost everyone living here on the Crystal Coast is here by choice. Aside from the military, we have no large organizations who move people to the area. People come to the Southern Outer Banks because they find the area a compelling place to live. Part of that attraction is the water which is so much a part of our lives. What the water brings us is an opportunity to enjoy an active life in gorgeous surroundings. Water is our neighbor, we do not have to get in a car and drive hours to find it. There are very few places along the Southern Outer Banks which are more than a few minutes from the water.

I have written about it before, but it is worth repeating that Careteret County is all about water. Houses are priced based on where the house is in relation to the water Recently a friend and I spent much of the day on our own private Iow-tide island half way between the Point at Emerald Isle and Bear Island.

We fished in peace and quiet for several hours. The closest civilization was a glimpse of house at the Point at Emerald Isle. We had a wonderful time, my partner caught a few fish, and I took some great pictures since the fish were ignoring me.

It was not a sunny day, but I am always amazed had how many different colors can play across the are. Our waters and the sky can be any number of subtle colors. They are rarely the same every day, and they changed several times that day. We even had blue sky and sunshine on the way home.

While fishing I got to watch a couple of Herons looking for something too eat. Other than the Herons and the few fish, we really were not bothered by another boat or person.

It was a truly peaceful and isolated place less than twelve minutes by boat from my house. It was our own world insulated from the challenges of modern life.

As I sat there feeding the fish some fresh shrimp, I wondered about one of my friends who still lives in Northern Virginia. I worked in the same environment for twenty years. Usually for those in these intense jobs, the first week of your vacation is unwinding enough so that you can really enjoy the second week.

When we made the decision to come to the Crystal Coast, one of the main reasons was the wonderful lifestyle that people manage to enjoy here. While I am an avid fisherman, I have friends who golf even more than I fish. If you can do your favorite thing and still manage to get some work done in wonderful surroundings, it truly is a dream come true.

While you cannot get away from stress at work, it is pretty easy to leave it at work in Carteret County.

With little traffic to bother us and a way to enjoy whatever outdoor activity strikes our fancy, This area is pretty hard to beat. From the Beaufort Board Walk to walking the beaches of Emerald Isle, I can guarantee you will not be bored.

I have achieved a couple of my initial goals. You can no longer tell that I ever wore a watch. My tan has taken care of that. Secondly I cannot remember if my sports coat is down here or at our second house.

That works great for me. You cannot wear something that you cannot find.

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