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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Almost Winter On The Coast

Winter Marsh in Raymond's Gut near Swansboro, NC

As much as I want to complain about our almost winter weather, I just cannot do it.  My friends in Tay Creek, New Brunswick got a big shot of snow this past weekend which is normal for them in the middle of December.

However, we got rain.  For much of the weekend our temperature stayed around 64F.  They are also scheduled for more snow.  During the same time we are looking forward to temperatures in the sixties with a few days in the seventies.

It was nice enough on this past Saturday morning that I took my skiff out on the river for a few minutes.  It was not cold enough for gloves when I took the boat out.  It is hard to call it winter if you can zoom down the river at 30 MPH and still not need gloves.

We are also still enjoying our gardens along the Southern Outer Banks.  We are getting some of our winter marsh visitors but they are not hanging around all day like they often do in our coldest months January and February.

Winter will come when it comes and until then we will enjoy the weather that we have.  If you want to compare the colors of the winter marsh to a fall marsh, click on this link and you will get to see a picture of the same area taken in the fall.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Is Finally Here

Great Egret Along Raymond's Gut
After an extended return visit, summer has appears to be in hiding.  Our favorite season, fall, seems to be here to stay.

The crowds, heat, and humidity are gone.  The water is still warm and inviting.  Fall and winter vegetables have been planted, and the fish are starting to visit the beaches, inlets, sounds, and rivers.

It is a great time to visit some of my favorite spots along the Crystal Coast portion of the Southern Outer Banks.

Check out any of my other blogs featured here for more information even details about a nice new restaurant that recently opened in the area.

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Come visit, you might start a new tradition of fall vacations.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Is Here On The Crystal Coast

Beautiful Surf at Hammocks Beach State Park
The tomatoes are ripe, the humidity is here, the heat pumps are running, and we are all headed for the water.

That pretty well defines summer here on the Crystal Coast and June has already been a great time to enjoy the beaches here along the Southern Outer Banks.

The over seven inches of rain that we have received in June has managed to wash away any thoughts of a dry early summer.

Fortunately the rain has not been of the day long variety so it has still been possible to enjoy the area's beaches.

We even took the ferry from Cedar Island over to Ocracoke Island and then worked our way up to Nags Head.

I managed to stay in the same hotel that I checked into to watch the first step on the moon. As a college student, I spent a fair amount of time camping on Ocracoke in the summer of 1969.

Visiting beaches which seem like old friends is a great way to start the summer.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We are ready for summer

I am ready for summer but I cannot say that it is because of our winter.  Considering that we did not see any snow this year like our last real winter in 2011, it is hard to complain very much about our weather.

However, we have had our share of cold days and our spring has been somewhat cooler than last year.  Still when you live in an area where warmth is the expected norm, you can get a little impatient when the last two weeks of April only have five days above 70F instead of nine days like April 2012.

Whatever the reason, spring is well underway and summer appears to be lurking just over the horizon.  Those of us who are avid fisherman are ready for the new season.

I finished two books this spring so I am ready for a little play time.  Living in North Carolina is always a treat and that is especially the case when you live along the Crystal Coast.

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